Frequently Asked Questions
1. What if I need a document to be translated into a language that is not listed on the website?

We offer translation services for French, Korean, Punjabi, Hindi, Chinese, Japanese and almost 100 other languages.  Let us know what language you would like translated and we’ll be able to assist.

2. Do you do translations / subtitling for videos or movies?

Yes, we offer translation services for videos and movies and we also offer subtitling services.

3. How will I receive my translated document once it is finished?

After the document is translated, we’ll send you a word document file through email.

4. How does typesetting work?

Some languages are tricky when it comes to typesetting as proper spacing between characters is very important.  After a document is translated, we can help you typeset.  All we need is your original artwork design file (with all the graphs / tables / images) and we’ll gladly layout the translated text on the file and have it ready for print.

5. How will I receive my design artwork once it is finished?

At your request, we will provide you with the electronic files through email or dropbox.  We will send you Ready-to-print (RTP) files in the format of INDD, PSD, AI, EPS or PDF.  We’ll also keep a copy of the files on our end in case you need to update the files in the future.

6. How does price matching work?

We don’t want to lose the opportunity to work on your project.  If you have a quote on hand that is a lower price than us, share the quote with us and we’ll sit down with you and try to match the price.

7. What are the payment terms?

To start a project, we take a 50% deposit.  The finished project files are sent to you upon receipt of the final payment.  We take payment by major credit cards (VISA or Mastercard or Paypal).  All prices are quoted in Canadian dollars and subject to applicable taxes.

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